EAA Chapter 25

A Community of Aviation Enthusiasts in the Twin Cities

Scholarship Fund Donors

To date, we have collected $2676 which is great progress (89%) toward our goal of $3000. Thank you to those that have made a donation. To those that have not, please consider helping us raise the additional $324 before the end of the year. All we need is 7 additional members to donate $50 each to hit our target. Remember your contribution is tax deductible. Donations of any amount are welcome. Please send your check to:

Mamie Singleton
PO Box 17093
St. Paul, MN 55117

If you would like more information, please contact President Craig Nelson for a copy of the letter that was sent out to all members in August.

Thanks for your support with this initiative. Working together we will have a positive impact on our community and help students pursue careers in aviation.

Coming soon is a list of Ch. 25 members who have donated to the Ch. 25 Scholarship Fund:

2016-2017 Scholarship Fund Donors (45 members have donated):

Samuel Adkins
Burce Anthony
Ryan Asleson
William Brown
David Bryant
Gregory Cardinal
Terry Carmine
Jeff Coffey
Steven Denmark
James Driver
Gordon Leon Duke
Robert Dunst
Donald Eide
Jerry Farrell
James Fischer
Tom Fitzhenry
Peter Gabrail
Peter Gavin
Patrick Halligan
Harvey Havir
Richard Hedeen
Brian Huberty
Andrew Ruport Johnson
Darwin Dale Johnson
Kim Johnson
Kevin Knutson
Mark Kolesar
John Koser
Elwood K. Kruger
James Ladwig
Ned Lebens
David Lundin
Louis Martin
Craig A. Nelson
William Norton
Ronald Oehler
Mark Owen
Richard Reinke
Gary Rosch
John Schmidt
Steven P. Schmidt
Mamie Singleton
Albert Sisler
Roger Southwick
Michael Tompos
Mark Wilson