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Charter Member George Jensen Receives 50 Year PlaqueGeorge Jensen, one of three original members of Chapter 25, received his 50 year plaque last weekend. George was unable to be with us on March 15th for our meeting, but shared some thoughts with Jon Cumpton. “I appreciate being recognized by the chapter, and being treated as a special member.” George began flying when he purchased a J-3 Cub after Army service. He completed building the Stits Playboy with fellow charter member Bert Sisler around 1961, and owned several other airplanes. Although George has not been able to fly for many years, he still loves aviation and has a hangar at Flying Cloud.

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Bert Sisler and Paul PobereznyOver 60 people attended our 50th Anniversary meeting on March 15th. Our special guests Paul and Audrey Poberezny managed to dodge two snow storms to join us. Bert Sisler, our first President, and Paul had a chance to visit (see picture). Pat and Sandy Halligan cooked some great food, and many “old timers” showed up for a rare visit. Four of our charter members received special recognition plaques. Be sure to see our April newsletter for details. We also video taped the event, and a DVD will be available. Thanks to all who contributed their effort to this event!

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by Noel Allard

from On Final March 2006

Steve Wittman and Roger Anderson Receive the Charley Taylor Award at Sun’n Fun in 1994This year, I have nominated our Chapter 25 member, Roger Anderson, as a candidate for the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame. As most of you know, Roger was one of the founding members of Chapter 25 some fifty years ago, and his Minnesota background of aerospace education, teaching Minnesota youth about aviation technology and aircraft maintenance, makes him a solid candidate. His candidacy will face a challenge this June when his credentials are presented to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, as he will be among nearly 70 candidates vying for the six openings. You, members of Chapter 25 who know and love Roger can help his case by writing your own comments on Roger’s contributions to the Minnesota aviation community and forwarding them to me, Noel Allard, 14155 Briarwood Drive, Menahga, MN 56464. I’ll need the letters as soon as possible to get things moving.

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from On Final March 2006

Member Profile: Norm TesmarWe are very fortunate that Norm agreed to be the subject of our interview for this issue. Our chapter was formed 50 years ago this month, and even though Norm was a only a boy then, he brings a wealth of memories (and photos) from those early days of the chapter.

What sparked your interest in flying?
That was my father’s fault. He said I was flying in a Cub before I was born, and from the time I was two months old. He had become involved with flying long before. I have a great photo of him and his little brother standing in front of a Curtis Robin (see below). My dad built a primary glider before WWII. Before he got to fly it, the government confiscated it somehow with the broad powers they were given during the war. I have no idea what use they would have had for a primary glider. My dad also built a beautiful 1/12 scale model of the Ford Tri-Motor, all from scratch. It has a 72� wingspan, and we still have it. But flying was the main thing. As far back as I can remember we were always flying somewhere. I remember sitting on my mother’s lap in the J-3 Cub one winter. We were one of four or five planes flying together up to my grandfather’s farm. I remember that it was so cold in the Cub that when it came time to go back, I refused to get in the plane. My mother and I took the train back instead. Later on, my little brother Larry and I would fly with my dad and Mom would stay home. Larry never got his license, but he still flies with me every year and has become somewhat of an expert on WWI airplanes. buy Lyrica from mexico

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by Jon Cumpton

from On Final March 2006

Jon Cumpton: EAA Chapter 25 PresidentLast Saturday I attended the Minnesota Aviation Safety Seminar at Flying Cloud. I believe this was the first time in recent years when it was held at the airport instead of a hotel. I have trouble getting excited about going to an aviation seminar unless there are airplanes there! The venue was the new ASI hangar, which was stuffed with a very cool collection of airplanes. I also found a friendly bunch of human inhabitants.

There were several Chapter 25 members, as you would expect, including two former Chapter presidents – and no, their names weren’t Frank and Pat. In fact, they were Phil Schaffer and Tom Kerns. I wasn’t surprised to run buy Lyrica in mexico

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Peter Denny, EAA Chapter 25 member and technical counselor, recently received some nice coverage in the Star Tribune. Read the article:

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Congrats Peter! Keep up the good work.

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