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by Phil Schaffer

from On Final December 2004

I recently completed my biennial review in a Cessna 152 at Crystal Shamrock.. It had been seven years since I had soloed, the last time being a trip in a J3 Cub to Little Falls in 1997. Needless to say I was rusty. With retirement coming within a year, I wondered if I was getting too old for this flying stuff. I had some good role models, including Dave Fletcher, who with his gray hair went ahead and bought a single seat experimental and got it off the ground and back safely a number of times. I¹m also acquainted with Burt Sissler, who designed and built his plane (the Cygnet) back in the 50¹s or 60¹s, and still flies it today. Burt is also the founding father of Chapter 25.

The biennial process at Crystal was unusual for the length of time it took, and the number of instructors I went through. Before my first session on July 30 I spent some time studying up on the rules and regulations around airports and air space. When I arrived for my first appointment with Erik, he gave me a test to take. I elected to do it right away so we could get going into flying. I passed the test, but then there was the issue of knowledge of the airplane I would need in order to fly at the FBO. So I had to buy some books, including a 152 manual and a new FAR/AIM. I also got another quiz to take home, which had to do with the specific performance information of the 152. We set a date for our first flight together on Saturday, August 7.

It was a pretty good day for flying, although it was cloudy that Saturday. Erik took me through a few turns, steep turns and stalls. I did most of that OK. Then we headed out to Buffalo to do a few landings. I found that my J3 Cub habits were not all that helpful for the 152. In the Cub, I had to be very quick on the rudder pedals to avoid doing a ground loop. In the 152 the instructors had to tell me to lay off the rudder as I jiggled the plane back and forth on final. I¹m not sure whether it was Erik or I who really landed the plane at Buffalo that day. Whoever it was, we did all right.

Neither Erik nor I thought I was ready to fly alone yet, so we scheduled another flight for the coming Thursday. However, before that day came, I got a call from Erik, notifying me that he was transferring to North Dakota and wouldn¹t be able to keep the date. So I got re-scheduled with Aaron for Saturday the 14th. Aaron was a more experienced flight instructor. He was quite competent, and took me through emergency procedures, a couple of engine out situations, and some landings. The landings were not so good this time, probably because I was doing most of the flying, except when I scared Aaron into action. I don¹t think he was impressed. He also let me know that landings can¹t be taught. That¹s when I began to wonder if this process would turn out all right. But I scheduled another session for the 24th.

Before I showed up at Shamrock on the 24th, I discovered that Aaron had developed a conflict. So I was introduced to Emily, my third instructor. Emily was fairly new at Shamrock, and actually she is fairly new everywhere. I think she is younger than my own daughter. But she is a great instructor. We stayed in the pattern that day, and did three takeoffs and landings. Emily talked me through the pattern procedures, which I had learned about but not really gotten down pat. She gave me a clue about landing: “Keep the nose on the numbers.” I suppose everyone but me had heard this before, but I took it as a great piece of advice, and it pretty much has solved my landing problems. By the end of that session I had done a couple of decent landings, but we agreed that I was not finished.

It wasn¹t until Sept 10 that I could get another session with Emily. It wasn¹t a great day for flying, at least not for me, since there was a significant crosswind. Emily was not fazed by the weather. I agreed to go, though I knew it would be tough to do things exactly right in these conditions. But I had come, and did not want to waste the occasion. We did one flight around the pattern, a difficult approach and landing, and again I¹m not sure who really made it. We were going to do a touch and go, but as we built up speed for the second takeoff, there was a loud rattle in the plane. I aborted the takeoff and we taxied back to Shamrock to investigate the problem. We couldn¹t quite figure it out, but we thought the smart thing to do was to quit for the day. Subsequently we found out that the landing gear fairing had gotten loose and rattled in the wind. We were never in danger, but we didn¹t know that at the time.

By the 16th the fairing had been fixed and I knew this session with Emily would have to be it. If I didn¹t get it right this time, I thought, I wasn¹t meant to continue flying. As it turned out I made three landings without any interventions from Emily. My biennial was finally accomplished.

Having completed the biennial, I still had not flown solo for seven years. I decided I would like to fly up to Grantsburg for a Chapter 875 meeting. I reserved the airplane for the October 20 meeting. However weather that day called for icing conditions, so that I drove instead. I didn¹t have high hopes for the third Sunday of November, but it turned out to be a perfect day with 10 miles visibility and no storms coming over the state. I was still a little hesitant, but figured that if the weather was good I was meant to make the flight. I called up Shamrock that morning, and the plane was free, so I was good to go.

The flight was technically uneventful, but for me it was an adventure because I hadn¹t set out by myself for those seven years. Although I was qualified for this flight I felt like a novice and was a bit nervous. Something I know about myself is that I fly better alone than when I have an instructor along. Things I had going for me were a flight path that I had prepared previously, perfect weather, and an airplane in which everything worked right. The path I took paralleled a series of lakes which led to the St Croix river, which has a distinctive bend just where I needed to be. Even so I ended up farther east than I intended. When I realized this, I headed straight north and after a minute or two I spotted Grantsburg, probably twenty miles out. I overflew the airport to see how the wind was, but I had trouble using the wind sock, since its color now is not much different than the ground color. I also noticed a flock of cranes flying not far down from me. My landing on runway 30, despite a crosswind, was uneventful.

After the meeting I took Ole for a ride around the pattern so I could get my three landings in for the day. Ole did have a time squeezing into and out of the 152, but the short ride ended well. By this time the sun was pretty low, so I decided to get going. I didn¹t want to have to practice night flying on this trip.

With the sun low in the sky, it was a little difficult to see what was ahead because of the glare on the windscreen. I figured out that my path pretty much coincided with a heading right toward the sun, so I did have some extra-terrestrial guidance without a GPS. After awhile it became apparent to me that I was going to do some night flying after all. I switched on the navigation lights and hoped my old eyes would adjust to the darkness. When I got to the freeway at Forest Lake I saw that from there a path across Anoka County airport would take me straight to Crystal. I dialed up ANE and was told to maintain 2500 or more across the air space. I also was told I was too high, in danger of entering Bravo airspace. When I looked toward Crystal, I saw nothing but darkness. Then I saw a bright flash, and it was the strobe light at Crystal. Then I realized that this approach would be more certain for me than a daytime approach. The landing approach I got from Crystal tower was a straight-in on runway 24, which was the path I was already traveling. Piece of cake.

I now feel a lot better about my future flying. My plan is to keep current with the rental plane until I get my own plane built. I won¹t be bored in retirement!

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