EAA Chapter 25

A Community of Aviation Enthusiasts in the Twin Cities

About EAA Chapter 25

EAA Chapter 25 is a local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association. EAA Chapter 25 membership comprises mostly of residents from both the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota. We are an active chapter with a current roster containing about 130 members. If you are interested in membership please contact us.

25logo2.jpgThe chapter was founded in March of 1956 by a group of individuals including Bert Sisler (our first Chapter President). This group was interested in building custom aircraft, and have them licensed under the FAA’ “Experimental” category. The chapter was chartered on June 1, 1956 within the then emerging Experimental Aircraft Association. Our chapter has interest in all aspects of aviation. We concentrate on custom aircraft built by an individual members. However, there is a total majority from other categories — such as; Antique, Classic, and Contemporary aircraft being owned by chapter members. The EAA is more appropriately, yet less commonly, known as the “Sport Aviation” organization.

EAA Chapter 25 normally holds monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of each month around 7:00 pm. View our calendar of events for monthly meetings and other activities.

Our monthly programs include a wide range of topics. Project visits and special meeting times are announced in the chapters’ monthly newsletter and in our online calendar of events. Guests are always welcome to attend the chapters’ meetings!

The Chapter 25 newsletter is called ON FINAL, and is published monthly just previous to the upcoming chapter meeting. It is published for the use, education, or enjoyment of chapter members (and for the others who are interested). View past issues of On Final.

You DO NOT have to own, be building, or restoring an aircraft for membership within this organization. Holding a pilots’ license IS NOT a membership requirement. The EAA is for anyone interested in the many forms of recreational aviation.