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Buy a heart lyrics, Buy Pregabalin usa

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August 15 – Young Eagles Event – Contact Kris Olson, Young Eagles Coordinator, if you can fly kids or serve as a ground crew member. She has a number of kids signed up to come.

August 19 – Chapter meeting – Our meeting this month is Wednesday evening, August 19th at the BSAEC, the chapter hangar at Airlake. We will have a presentation from Ryan Mohr on the ins and outs of shooting aviation video. Grill is on at 6:00 pm, meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Wednesday Evenings* – Ch. 25 Pietenpol Build Project – All Chapter 25 members are invited to come and work on the Ch. 25 Pietenpol Building Project. Learn the art and craft of building a homebuilt airplane from Ch. 25 members who have hours of experience building airplanes. We are working at Dale Johnson’s (MAHOF) shop. Contact Kim V. Johnson, Ch. 25 President, at [email protected] if you would like directions.

*unless notified otherwise and with the exception of the 3rd Wednesday of the month, which is Chapter 25 Meeting night.

Directions to Airlake Airport in Lakeville, MN:

From I-35 and Co. Rd. 70 (210th St. W):

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