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Saturday, March 15, 2014 – Young Eagle Event – Contact Kris Olson, Young Eagles Coordinator, to volunteer to help with the Young Eagles. Ground crew workers are always needed. Kris will put you to work as a pilot’s assistant or as a teacher of aviation principles to kids.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 – Chapter 25 Meeting – We have a short EAA Chapter Video on EAA’s Advocacy Program and the Bearhawk LSA and then Plans Night. Bring a pot luck dish to share.

Friday and Saturday, March 21-22, 2014 – First Annual Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering – The Minnesota Pilots Association is hosting this event at the Golden Wings Air Museum at the Anoka County-Blaine Airport (KANE). You can register for the MN Pilot’s Assoc. and get more information about the organization and the Aviation Gathering at The Minnesota Pilots Association’s aim is to serve as an organization which brings together members of EAA, AOPA, flying clubs, 99’s, etc., in order to generate a more active voice in matters pertaining to pilots and general aviation in Minnesota.

Wednesday Evenings* – Ch. 25 Pietenpol Build Project – All Chapter 25 members are invited to come and work on the Ch. 25 Pietenpol Building Project. Learn the art and craft of building a homebuilt airplane from Ch. 25 members who have hours of experience building airplanes. We are working at Dale Johnson’s (MAHOF) shop. Contact Kim V. Johnson, Ch. 25 President, at [email protected] if you would like directions.

*unless notified otherwise and with the exception of the 3rd Wednesday of the month, which is Chapter 25 Meeting night.

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