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EAA Photographer Visits Osceola to Shoot Dick Navratil’s New Pietenpol

Filed under: Member Stories — joncumpton at 9:59 pm on Thursday, September 27, 2007

JanetJim.JPGOn September 26th, Jim Koepnick, EAA Sport Aviation photographer, visited Osceola’s Simenstad Municipal Airport to complete a series of ground and aerial photographs of Dick Navratil’s new Pietenpol. Photo 1, EAA’s Cessna Centurion, was piloted by Janet Davidson, who flew over with Jim from Oshkosh for the afternoon. It was perfect fall weather for the activity.

EAAPhoto1.JPGDick had just completed a few modifications after his first two days of test flying. After shooting some photographs on the ground and going through a pre-flight briefing on flying “photo formation”, the two airplanes took off for a 45 minute aerial shoot.

Photo1Window.JPGOf course the beautiful pictures you see in Sport Aviation may look easy to shoot, but the only thing that makes it easier is the removable photo door on Photo 1. In this case, the Pietenpol only does about 65 mph, so the Centurion was flying close to stall speed the whole time. Then the photo plane had to be up-sun, fly at different altitudes for different shot angles, and worry about how the subject airplane looked against the background of the terrain. Watching Jim and Janet in action  showed how hard they work to get such beautiful results.  And those results included an array of beautiful shots against the fall colors and lakes of Wisconsin. Look for a feature article by Jim Busha in an upcoming issue of Sport Aviation.

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