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First Flight of Dick Navratil’s New Radial Engined Pietenpol

Filed under: Member Projects — joncumpton at 3:14 pm on Tuesday, September 25, 2007

DSC_0508.JPGDick Navratil took to the skies in his new Pietenpol on September 22nd. Dick’s flight marks the fifth airplane completed and flown by Chapter members in the last year!. The airplane, powered by a Rotec R-2800, has received much attention from both the engine manufacturer and EAA Headquarters. EAA’s Sport Aviation Magazine is also planning an upcoming article.

Dick says, “The plane handles very nicely, and I’m happy with it so far.” After an initial oil leak problem during taxi tests, Dick was able to correct the problem and clean up the airplane for his Saturday test flight. “I went out to repeat the high speed taxi tests, and had an open mind as to the aspects of flying. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day with a 12 knot wind almost straight down the sod runway at Osceola. At about 50 mph I expected the plane to want to just lift off and climb, but that did not happen. I had to apply some back pressure and it lifted off smoothly.”

Dick was impressed about the rate of climb in his new airplane, too. He identified some other squawks, and plans another test flight this week. Congratulations Dick!

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