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Joel Fuller’s Waiex Flies for First Time

Filed under: Member Projects — joncumpton at 12:08 am on Tuesday, February 6, 2007

IMG_0364.JPGChapter 25 has another member with an airplane he built now flying. Joel Fuller reports, ” I made my first flight in Waiex SN 14 on January 13. The engine I selected is the Aerovee. I received my airworthiness certificate on December 9th, and had just been waiting for the holiday craziness to be over and the weather to cooperate.

I took off from Airlake at about 1:30PM. There was no wind and the temperature was about 9 degrees F. I basically just made one circuit around the pattern and landed. I was seeing some high cylinder head temps on my rear cylinders, so I decided to make it a short flight.

I have had a dream of building and flying my own plane since I was a kid, and I have finally accomplished it (yay!). The flight itself was totally uneventful, which is what I was counting on, but that didn’t mean the adrenaline wasn’t flowing pretty hard anyway. Now the flight almost seems like a blur.

The plane handles great. It has a nice balance between responsiveness and stability. The only other taildragger I have flown is a Cub, and all I can say is that the Waiex is way way easier to land and taxi (and start, and take off, etc.). Everyone told me this would be the case, and they were right. I don’t think I really looked at my flight instruments during the whole flight, I just did everything by feel.”

For anyone that is interested, Joel’s builder’s log website is here: www.mykitlog.com/joelfuller

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