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Flight Design CT

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from On Final January 2006

Over the past several years we have been hearing a lot about light sport aircraft. With all of the new rules surrounding these aircraft and the training required to fly them, it can be pretty confusing. Current pilots may think that the new rules hold nothing for them, or they may be looking to the new rules simply to fly smaller traditional aircraft without a medical. But one thing is becoming clear as the market for light sport aircraft evolves: pilots who would like to buy a new factory- built aircraft have a whole lot more options than before.

Flight Design CTThat is because the new rules include a separate category called Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) for aircraft that are 100% factorybuilt. (Experimental, or E-LSA is the category for those partially built by the owner.) S-LSA aircraft are FAA certified, but because the new certification rules are less restrictive, new designs are appearing on the market like never before. The Flight Design CT is a prime example of the new S-LSA category. The first Flight Design CT was certified last April in the U.S. However, this aircraft has been certified for several years in Europe, and over 300 CT’s are now flying world wide.

According to Robert Goyer, who conducted a test flight of the CT, the new S-LSA certification rules amount to a deregulation of the aircraft manufacturing industry. (See his article from the May 2005 issue of Flying at http://www.flyingmag.com/article.asp? section_id=17&article_id=541)

In his flight review of the CT, Robert makes it clear that these new aircraft are slick, sophisticated designs that should compete favorably in the home market against the more expensive new designs certified under Part 23 (Cirrus, Diamond). The specs on the right (from Robert’s article) tell the story.

Come to our January meeting to hear Franco Fiorillo of Aircraft Resource Center talk about his plans to make the Flight Design CT available at Airlake.

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