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Cleared for Takeoff – July 2005

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by Pat Halligan, Chapter 25 President

from On Final July 2005

We all know how excited kids get when Christmas day draws near. Well, the adult version of Christmas is almost here, AirVenture 2005. With SpaceShi- pOne, White Knight and Global Flyer appearing at Oshkosh this year, I would think this is one year you would not want to miss the event. Every year there seems to be an aviation story that stands out from all the rest, but this year there is not one, but a number of events. This should make for an outstanding show.

I really hope a lot of our chapter members can make the pilgrimage to AirVenture this summer even if only for a day or two. I know I’ve written before on how lucky we are to live so close to Oshkosh, but I feel it bears repeating. A one day trip in a single engine airplane or a drive with an overnight stay is a very simple undertaking from the Minneapolis area. With a small effort on your part, you’ll enjoy the experience of AirVenture. If you can take along someone interested in airplanes (flying or building) who has not yet attended AirVenture and share the experience with them, you’ll really enjoy the event.

I remember different years taking along my wife or kids, father-in-law or a good friend and I can still recall how overwhelmed they were with the size of the event and the number of airplanes. Maybe this is the year you take a neighbor, co-worker or family member and get them hooked on flying.

Speaking of flying, I made it to Canada in June for a little fishing and floatplane flying. We caught some walleye, northern and lake trout (nothing big), but enough for a great fish fry one evening and a few to bring home for the grill. If you like fishing, boating and flying you need to try a Canadian floatplane fishing trip at least once in your lifetime. Another fishing trip is being planned with my son Kevin for a 4th of July departure to Alaska for halibut and king salmon. We need some more smoked salmon for Dan Carroll’s Christmas party next December at his hangar. (Now that’s what is known as fishing for an excuse to go fishing).

For those members not at the last monthly meeting, I would like to let you know we’ve started a fund for a bronze plaque on the EAA Memorial Wall at Oshkosh for Earl Adams. The plaque’s dedication ceremony will be held during AirVenture 2006. Earl’s wife and son (Clay) who were at the chapter picnic in June are very touched that the chapter has thought to do this in Earl’s memory. It gives me great pride to be your chapter President when you decide to do such a wonderful thing for a member who gave so much of his time to this chapter. Please send your donation to Ron Oehler or give it to one of the officers during a chapter function.

Don’t forget about your ten raffle tickets you have to sell (or buy?) during the summer months. Jon has informed me that he has already received a fair amount of books back with all the tickets sold. Thanks!

I’ve just been notified or chapter website has been voted one of the top five EAA websites. Congratulation to Jeff Coffey and everyone who has helped him with the beautiful website. The winner will be announced at Oshkosh on July 30th. Good luck Jeff.

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Don Eide’s wife-Ellen. She was always at the chapter functions helping out and she will be missed by us and certainly by Don and his family. I know it will be difficult for Don, but I shared the DC-9 cockpit with Don on many occasions and I know what a strong individual he is, so with our thoughts, prayers and love of family, he will make it just fine.

God Bless all of you during this Fourth of July weekend.


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